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    What We Offer

    AssetMark Institutional brings you the support you need to run your business, with the community and consulting to help you create the business you envision.

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    The Six Essentials

    Built around your needs, these six essentials help you meet the demands of running your business while freeing you to spend more of your time serving clients.

    AMI 1

    Comprehensive, integrated technology

    Bring together all your technology, for a seamless, end-to-end experience.
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    Attentive, responsive service

    Get the attention you need from a dedicated team who understands your business and your clients.
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    Operational support

    Spend more time focusing on clients’ needs, and less time managing back-and middle-office tasks.
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    Sophisticated, flexible investment solutions

    Bring together wealth management resources and investments designed around your clients’ changing needs.
    AMI 6

    Community and business consulting

    Build the business you want with expert insights, events, and access to like-minded peers.
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    Client experience

    Provide clients the communications and engagement tools they need to stay connected with you.
    Ask yourself

    Do I have the right range of investments?

    With AssetMark Institutional, you have the flexibility to serve clients in a way that works for you. We offer a wide range of investment options from well-known firms and boutique managers. Best of all, you can customize investment solutions to suit your practice model and your clients’ requirements.

    Built for RIAs

    Today’s clients expect you to have a deep understanding of their needs and want more of your time and attention as they set and pursue financial goals.

    Ask yourself

    Do I have time to manage my own technology?

    AssetMark Institutional brings you comprehensive, integrated technology designed for the way you work. We make it easy to incorporate our tools and solutions into your business to seamlessly combine client engagement, account opening and administration, portfolio management and analytics, investment monitoring, trading, and rebalancing, and reporting and billing.
    Ask yourself

    Do I have access to business consulting?

    We offer access to experienced consultants to advise you on key practice management areas. AssetMark Institutional can help you refine your business strategy and planning process, empower and incentivize your team members, enhance the client experience and operational efficiency, and market your business more effectively.

    Prioritize Your Business

    AssetMark Institutional offers the resources you need to build the business you envision.

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